What is Frass?

Definition of frass

Frass [fras] noun

1. (Biology) Excrement debris or other refuse matter produced by wood-boring or leaf-eating insects and insect larvae

Frass used in a sentence

Insect damage to garden plants often includes chewed leaves and evidence of frass droppings left behind.

How to pronounce frass

Word Origin of frass

German, 1854; orig., noun from Middle High German vrâz; from Old High German fraz, from frezzan; from German frasz, from fressen, to eat away, to eat as a beast does, to devour, feed, insect damage, corrosion, excrement, as a result of eating

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Feces, or Faeces, Fecal Matter, Guano, Manure, Dung, Excrement, Excreta, Refuse, Waste, Fertilizer, Urine, Stool, Bowel, Droppings, Discharge, Egesta, Poop, Crap, Secretion, Ordure